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Tiles by Staci Helward


Napa, CA, United States : Carneros Inn Napa Valley has Impeccable services, charming cottage beautiful ground, worth seeing the best view of sun set and sun rise. It’s a resort of comfortable, relaxing and classy establishment. We spent our weekend with two other couples or friends who have never been to Napa. We did the whole nine yard, sunset cocktail, dinner at farm sunrise breakfast, spa day before wine tasting. Hotel is cozy, small cottage, well laid out ground, 2 nice pool and great views. Services and restaurant food are good too. The cottage offer luxury accommodation with private and discreet outside court yard, equipped with gas heating outside shower and bathtub. Beds are divine and decorated with fabulous linen and comfily pillows. Amazing place, I loved to stay there. So much fun that we come back later whenever we supposed to stay somewhere else then home. We loved the privacy and the spa was amazing. The pool is very serene and elegant.

Dallas, TX, United States : The Mansion Restaurant is a famous restaurant situated in Dallas. I dined there with several friends and we loved this place. The environment was too cool, dim light make the environment more cozy. The pavement is decorated with different kind of plants, lights etc. I love the hospitality they gave us with their attention to detail and service. The presentation of food and the taste was so yummy. The restaurant staff really goes out of their way to serve everyone with a smile on their faces. In the evening lights brighten the space and sparkle. I'll never forget this memorable outing with my friends.

Napa Valley, Napa County, CA, United States : Bardessono Napa Valley is a stunning hotel and just made for girls trips! The rooms are clean, the beds are comfortable, the staff is incredibly friendly, and Lucy’s has great food. I have stayed in many nice hotels but this one is at the peak of my list. The rooms are perfect. Outside private showers on your balcony, massage table area for in room, fireplace, deep jetted tub. The complimentary car service with chauffeur goes perfect with local wine tasting so you make it back safely and don't need to worry about finding your way back. Beautiful hotel and the staff really go out of their way to make this a wonderful experience. This hotel is amazing, absolutely gorgeous, wonderful services and great location. Bardessono has a very clean and modern aesthetic. Customer services are stellar and seamless. Everyone working did an amazing job and was very so friendly.

Torrance, CA, United States : Delamo Fashion Center is the largest mall in the South Bay boasting over 200 stores, including Macy's, H&M, Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, Coach, P.F. Chang's and an 18-screen AMC Theater. And the outdoor promenade is beautiful with flowers all around. They've done a nice job making this a pleasant place to shop and it's right off the 405.

Washington, DC, United States : “The Uptown” is the best place to see a movie in the Washington D.C area. It’s a great a movie theater, but a movie bastion featuring a single screen—a curved, 70-foot long and 40-foot high screen, one of the biggest area in it. The theater features a big terrace which is perfect for couples who want to creep upstairs and hold hands where age group have done the same. This is one of the biggest theaters. The environment of this theater is fabulous. Once you go AMC Loews Uptown, every other movie theater fails in assessment. But this AMC setting in Georgetown is much superior and platform much more movies of standard movies presenting, IMAX and 3D. Staff is nice; there are your regular popcorn and movie snacks and a yogurt bar. It's a good movie theater for dinner and a movie and many Georgetown restaurants, bars, or romantic stroll by the sea front. There is a big parking area , where the charge per person.

Los Angeles : ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood is a biggest theater not only seen many stars on a screen, but you may save many memorable things —you might catch a few sitting next to you in the spectators. This theater present 14 screens with aloof stadium seating the seats are wider than average. There is big food court for snacks, choose from dishes such as gourmet chicken sausage on a baguette and great caramel corn made on site. The food court is nice neat , clean and hygienic If a pleasing customer service experience Sure the location is great. Sure the seats and screens are cool. All staff are nice, helping and hard working, they never make any argument from you. Arclight theater just focused on their quality of entertainment. Appreciate the series they do, and the fact that they'll bust out old film prints of classics, and allow the audience to revel in some reminiscence.

Niagara Falls is by far the most famous waterfall in North America. Niagara Falls is said to be the largest waterfall by the volume in North America. The falls actually consists of three separate components - In the month of June, it is considered that water volume was probably either at its highest for the year or close to it. If you visited the falls during the Autumn month of October six years later, then you will observed more mist wafting up from the base of the falls. Hydroelectricity has been notorious in terms of the environment, and it is especially a nuisance for waterfalling due to deluge, interruption of waterflow, and guarantee damage to the natural surroundings to support hydroelectric infrastructure. This meant that we could experience the falls in numerous ways but we did feel that each waterfall "expedition" was like an enjoyment park or festival ride where we paid to do a particular experience and then moved on to the next if we were so inclined.

Wind Creek Casino is having beautiful rooms, and luxurious launches. There is a great, cool and romantic environment. comfortable sofas chair, neat washrooms. and a quick room services. There are big parking area. special parking area for the club members. This might work well for casino customers. There is good ventilation system no smoke inside the casino.. there are big and automatic exhausting system which pump out the smoke from the casino. Surprisingly, the room floor and the room itself did not smell like smoke. The room was nice but not well maintained. It became clear that they did not know how to run and maintain a hotel. you would have been better off, and saved money, because this casino is not so much expensive.

Cuyahoga valley park is completely dazzling! If you are a first time visitor, you should first enjoy the hiking along the ledges or enjoying a picnic in the unique Octagon sanctuary house. Or even at the beautiful Ledges shelter house Here you can enjoy the warmth of fireplace .The park is always clean and the staff are super friendly! Even the bathrooms are always kept clean! And there's other sections worth exploring as well. They offer a great hill for sledding with a barrel for a fire that anyone can enjoy. There's also a bat cave. And of course, lots of art related projects, guided tours, etc... The only national park in the Buckeye State is elegant and attractive is only a stone's throw from Cleveland and Akron . Then there's lesser known treasures within the park, such as wineries and farms, as well as the only covered bridge in Summit County. If you swerve off of the Towpath, you won't be disappointed.