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San Francisco, CA, United States : OMG!!! It was the most memorable day of my life while in a trip i had a chance to visit Restaurant Saison San Francisco. It was the trip with my college friends. During our trip we had visited all the famous places, and then we reached at Saison restaurant which is very famous restaurant of San Francisco. When we entered in restaurant light jazz music was playing, and waiter were busy in serving to the customer. The first floor of restaurant was full then a waiter came and said to go up stairs, we went up stairs and find a suitable table location for us. After few minutes waiter came and we placed an order. The service of restaurant was good and fast. Me and my friends enjoyed the food with light music and had great fun there.

Clean Water Beach Florida is a great place. Sand is so soft and the shore is cleaned every morning. The boat docks are across the street and shops are very near as well. The snack food stand is tidy, prices are good and the people working the counter are also friendly. Coming from the New England, this is a really gorgeous beach. Its clean the sand is white and soft and the water is beautiful blue color. If it’s a vacation or a busy time get here early to stake your claim. The restroom is fairly clean. Technically not on the beach, there are a lot of shops and eateries on Mandalay Ave; which isn't all that far of a walk from the beach. The sunset/sunrise is to die for. It's just perfect, plain and simple. It's so beautiful picnic spot. Yes, it has beautiful white sand, warm tranquil water, and tons of tourists. But, if you want to play drunken beach volleyball, especially at night with a glow in the dark ball and florescent lights, I can't think of a better place to do it!

Napa, CA, United States : Calistoga Ranch Napa Valley I couldn't find the words, I mean there are only so many ways you can call something incredible or perfect or mind blowing amazing, the Calistoga Ranch experience being all of these things. From check in to check out every person I met at the resort delivered five star services that was genuine, attentive and unobtrusive. After being offered a glass of wine while checking in, I was shuttled via golf cart to my room, which was actually a private twin room cabin style lodging that is a definition of glamping. Casual but elegant and tucked away into a quiet solitude of nature my room had an L-shaped deck with a private hot tub to the left and an outdoor living area to the right, complete an indoor/ outdoor fireplace and dining area if you prefer eating outside. Walking into the double doors on the left took me into the bedroom and bathroom, where I discovered the first surprise an outdoor rainfall shower. Wow! That was an excellent experience.

Napa Valley, Napa County, CA, United States : In Spa at Bardessono Yountville me and my girlfriends stayed for my birthday last weekend, and we treated ourselves to massage. My masseuse was named Sandra and I swear I never felt so relaxed and so pampered. Seriously expert techniques, complete understanding of what we were looking for. I compare the massage that I had at Bardessono on Friday with a massage I had at ideal spring on Saturday and it was like two different worlds. I almost desired another Sandra massage to remove the ugliness of the Indian Spring massage. Have an amazing spa experience. Splurge and get the enhanced facial. My esthetician was Olivia and she was so good. Lots of pressure point massage, and what seemed like a million different good fragrance masks and serums were used. I felt extremely relaxed. The duration of 90 minutes went by rapidly then I floated back to the lounge area. We'll be coming here again on our next trip to Napa.