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Tiles by Valerie Noles


Napa, CA, United States : Bardessono Napa Valley is a stunning hotel. The rooms are clean, beds are comfortable, staff is incredibly friendly, and Lucy’s has good food. I have stayed in many nice hotels but this one was at the peak of my list. The rooms are perfect. Outside private showers on your balcony, massage table area for in room, fireplace, deep jetted tub, I mean the work. The complimentary car service with chauffeur goes perfect with local wine tasting so you make it back safely every time and avoid those dreaded DUI's . Beautiful hotel and the staff really go out of their way to make wonderful experience. This hotel is amazing, absolutely gorgeous wonderful services and great location. When we got into our room there was a personal note welcoming us. Bardessono has a very clean and modern aesthetic. Customer services are stellar and seamless. Everyone worked with did an amazing job and was very well informed. The staff were with me every step of the way and accommodation and hotels itself were absolute perf

Newport Beach, CA, United States : Resort at Pelican Hill Newport Coast is really amazing place! Stunning views! When i stayed there, everything was well arranged. The bed was very comfortable one I've ever slept in. The pillows and sheets were extremely soft. The fireplace, the tubs, everything is what you expect out of this level of hotel. There was large patio with a superb view of the ocean. The high beam and fireplace on ceiling truly give the room a bungalow experience. Beautiful views and the golf course were epic and the pool was exceptional. Its spa was absolutely luxurious and amazing. I've been to many spas and i can say without any doubt this one tops them all. Every consideration to detail had been made. I loved the decorations, aroma in the air, ambiance, water features, etc. My masseuse was extremely tremendous too I take the Amber Gold Signature package with the scalp and in add-ons i take feet massage and the feet massage was just not more than 15 minutes. The add-on the scalp was totally worth it.

Costa Mesa, CA, United States : South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa​ - I had heard about it many times but had never seen it before ​, but​ when I finally did, it was worth the ​wait.​ It ​'​ s architecture ​is really surprising the way it has such a strong design element in its building. Over 250 stores make it very comfortable and a pedestrian bridge make this a shoppers dream. People of all ages, some of them busy window shopping and some of them at the restaurants. Like all shopping destinations it gets crowded during holidays and on weekends but if you are going shopping, this is a nice place to spend the day.

Washington, DC, United States : Restaurant CityZen Washington DC accomplished an impressive achievement that seems to beguile many well-hyped DC top trip restaurants in not only living up to the hype, but beyond expectations. The management of this restaurant is highly appreciable. We entered the restaurant at the end of the evening. We could see the entire staff was incredibly attentive, friendly, and on top of things. We were seated near the dazzling open kitchen and in what is often a rarity for big name restaurants, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that Chef Ziebold was in the kitchen, managing the whole operation. After onoy a few minutes our waiter took our order and we were served in less than 20 minutes, which seemed to be incredibly fast for how busy they were. I have tried many restaurants but this is among my favorites. Highlights of the evening included delicious lamb carbonara, chilled Maine lobster salad, and my favorite, soft shell crab. We also enjoyed the wines that were served and the addictive parker house rolls.