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Portland, OR, United States : Really good Thai food and a fun atmosphere. You MUST get the Tamarind whiskey sours! Pok Pok Thai Food are famous for the wings, they use a fish sauce that is really good. The glass noodles are also one of my favorites. It's on the pricier side ($15 for the wings) and the service is hit-or-miss, but the food is always amazing.

Portland, OR, United States : Really good Thai food and a fun atmosphere. You MUST get the Tamarind whiskey sours! Pok Pok Thai Food are famous for the wings, they use a fish sauce that is really good. The glass noodles are also one of my favorites. It's on the pricier side ($15 for the wings) and the service is hit-or-miss, but the food is always amazing.

Portland, OR, United States : Pok Pok Thai Food has the best Thai food in Portland. The wings are famous for a reason- you MUST get the wings. They have a fish sauce that is so yummy! The glass noodles are also a favorite. It's a little pricey ($15 for wings) and the service is hit-or-miss, but the food is always great!

Portland, OR, United States : To start definitely make reservations, Ave Genes is so good even on a Monday it is very busy. Probably because of all the media attention and "top Ten" lists it has been on. When arrived we were seated promptly and offered still or sparkling water complimentary. I picked the sparkling, which was a nice touch. The beet salad was delicious, I loved the hazelnuts on it. For the main entree I had the cavetelli (probably spelled wrong) which was a freshly made pasta in the shape of a small penne noodle. I ate almost the whole it was so good before I remembered to take a picture. The server was very helpful at helping me decipher the menu, main course and the wine list. You will understand when you try this place. This is a must try place in Portland, I want seconds please.

Portland, OR, United States : In the Pearl District, Nuvrei Fine Cakes and Pastries is a blessing for pastry lovers. French macaroons (passion fruit, hazelnut, raspberry, etc), pretzel bagels, berry brioches, croissants, killer croque monsieur and more. You can eat there (they have 10-20 seats) or walk a few blocks to Jamison Square or Tanner Springs Park.

Portland, OR, United States : It was crowded and we had a party of 6 and sat in the beautiful patio. Our server/bartender (Collin?) was great. Some of the drinks took a while, but like I said it was busy so that's understandable. I would typically order a bloody mary (which others in my party said were fabulous), but another drink caught my eye -- That's my Jam (gin, lemon, marmalade, etc.) -- and it was unreal. One of the most refreshing cocktails I have ever tasted at Veritable Quandary. I need to figure out how to recreate it at home. Another stand out was their french fries with chipotle aioli. Our party went through three orders that came with our food and another whole plate! I had the VQ burger with a veggie patty substitute which was very good, and I appreciate that they had multiple vegetarian options. My sister had the blackened catfish with poached eggs & hollandaise. She said it was the most beautiful and perfectly cooked poached egg that she had ever tasted.

Portland, OR, United States : I adore Living Threads Vintage Shopping. I go in regularly and they always have new great finds. Christine is so knowledgeable and has even gone above and beyond to help me find the special pieces I'm looking for. All the items at are in great condition. I think the prices are more than fair and you get good quality items at a reasonable price. The thing that I love the best about this shop (besides the great quality clothing!) is the setup. All the items are very well displayed. None of the racks are over crowded or hard to look through. The layout is easy to navigate and the store is spotless. It makes shopping vintage (which can be a pain) so much less of a hassle.

Portland, OR, United States : I came upon Flora by accident while strolling one day. I walked in and was greeted by the very sweet owner who was not only kind and helpful, but truly a joy to talk to. She made me a sample of their Plum Oolong tea, which is delectable (and I'm almost out of it). And they have an assortment of fine items- unique cards, the best ever hand-poured candles from Tatine; one-of-a-kind art and furniture pieces. And miraculously soft cotton blankets and amazing teas (by the ounce) and chocolates.. Along with the tons of very beautiful and unique items they carry, they also make their own perfume oils. I am often bothered by the smell of some perfumes, some even gives me migraines. But these are quality oils, not the cheap alcohol and chemical-based perfumes you find at department stores. These are special, and they smell like heaven. It's always such a pleasure to support local businesses, even more so when they're as special and wonderful as this one. I couldn't recommend this shop more!

Portland, OR, United States : Went here to see Suzanne as a friend recommended her. She was spot on! She is a great hair stylist and the owner of the Pulse Salon Portland. Very professional and personable, with no pretense whatsoever. I have thin hair that is hard to cut so it was scary going to someone new but I was desperate and needed a slight trim - and Suzanne did a great job with the cut and the color! I always get bright almost platinum blonde highlights and go blond, but I wanted to try something different and this was extreme for me- I went red/brown. Scary!! Suzanne also gave me some low lights which added so much more dimension to the color. I consider myself a high maintenance hair client and I've been to enough stylists (since I've moved around so much) to know that not everyone can cut thin hair and make it look good. The cut, color and blow dry were all really good. Pulse delivers and the price point cannot be beat. This was the most satisfying hair experience I have had in a LONG time

Miami Beach, FL, United States : Mansion Nightclub Miami is a huge nightclub and has great performers and a badass sound system. They've got Lyra, this cube thing hanging from the ceiling, and the costumes were OUTSTANDING. If you're a girl don't pay to get in. There are plenty of promoters on the street that will give you a wristband. Also, don't come with guys- They will wait in line. And they always let the best-dressed in first. If you don't dress up you'll wait in line no matter how hot you think you look. And the line gets LOOONG.... Ladies, walk right up to the VIP section and hope that you're up to their standards to get in. Much more space in the VIP section and you can dance on the platforms for even more room and rest your feet on the seats if you need to.

Miami Beach, FL, United States : LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach is an ultra-hot nightclub in Miami Beach that is even tougher to get into than the others. The place is huge with 3 floors and massive sound and light systems. It opens at midnight and the line is impossible so get there "early", like 11 or 11:30 and either talk to a promoter on the street or talk to the guys in line to have someone pay your way in. Drinks are $16 and they add 20% gratuity. If you are a large group of ladies and you get there really early and are dressed hot the bouncers (who are all rude and douchey, like every other Miami club) will give you a free table- SO WORTH IT!! You'll almost always see celebrities there and if you stay at the Fontainebleau hotel (where LIV is located in) it helps. Bathrooms are actually better than I expected and they didn't have lines (wow!). Go big or go home!

Miami Beach, FL, United States : The music and dancing is honestly the best part of Mango Tropical Cafe. You don't come here to sit around or peacefully enjoy a drink in the corner. Mango's break up the night with random performances that range from Michael Jackson dancing to Bachata and Samba. Most nights have a live band playing popular Latin songs that really get people up and dancing. The cover is not as big if you don't get a free pass from your hotel or a promoter (I think it is $10) and the drinks are not as pricey as LIV or Mansion ($12), plus it's more laid back and more of a party atmosphere than a club.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Tao Nightclub Las Vegas is in the Venetian hotel/casino. Get Bottle service with promoter, not Tao staff. We booked with Tao directly and I had to negotiate down to $1,100+ service= $1,400 for 2 bottles of Grey Goose (for 14 girls). Then, we ran into a promoter in Vegas who instead got us a $450 bottle with 1 free bottle, totaling $700 after service. The area where our table was located (upper level) had this great elevated space at the back of the booth where we danced all night. Bottle service gets you a table and the bottles and mixers. We figured it was worth it because if we were all ordering $18 drinks we'd spend that much anyway and this way we get the table (Much Better with a table!) The venue- -Very loud DJ, your ears will ring the next day -AMAZING special effects from lasers to confetti to this bubble/foam sprinkling down, to mostly naked Asian models bathing in rose petal tubs.. -Throughout the night there were a few DJ's spinning house music -The dance floor is extremely packed