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Newport Beach, CA, United States : Newport Beach has some of the best beaches in the world and the beaches are wide, which means you never feel too crowded, like on most beaches in the summertime. Go to the peninsula (which they call the "warzone" in the summertime because it gets so crazy and wild) and the first pier, Newport Pier, gets the wildest. They call it the "warzone" for a reason. But if you keep going down the peninsula to the Balboa Pier (about one mile further down the peninsula) it is still busy in the summer, but not nearly as wild and crowded. The beaches are all amazing and you can walk to the bay on the other side. Early mornings you'll see dolphins right by the shore, you can get Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP's) or get a canoe or surf or rent a duffy boat and cruise to music. There is Amazing shopping at Fashion Isdland and there are tons of great restaurants and bars right on the peninsula and you don't drive anywhere, you walk or ride bikes on the boardwalk. It is the PERFECT place for a Girls Trip!

Newport Beach, CA, United States : My favorite Dive! Strong drinks. I mean STRONG!! Be sure to cab it. Some people don't make it home even on their bikes! Marty, Caleb and Gino are the best bartenders in town. And those Tastie Burgers! Yes, they make burgers there...Mmm Mmm Good! There is a photo booth that spit out two sets so you can keep one and give one to a friend or hang it on the wall (I have a couple on the wall). Cassidys Newport Beach is right on Newport Blvd and two blocks from the beach. The restrooms are horrible, but everything else about this place is perfect! p.s. They have hooks under the bar for your purse. I give them a sixth star for that!

Newport Beach, CA, United States : I love everything about this place... the vibe, loud music, pool table, monstrous nachos, and of course, their amazing HAPPY HOUR specials! Cabo Cantina Newport Beach has the best happy hour. 2 for 1 drinks from 4-8pm, and late nights. Double the drinks, double the fun!! Yup, that means two coronas, two jacks with coke, or two margaritas with a double shot! Actually, one thing I don't like is the restroom, but there are the beach restrooms (which are actually clean in Newport) right on the beach in front. When you want to snack on something, get the nachos or quesadilla to share! It is located right on the boardwalk (at the Baloa Pier) so you can walk from the beach. There are sports playing on the tv's, which I can take or leave, but they have dancing at night and the windows are open to the beach outside. Tip: just down the boardwalk past the pier parking lot are a bunch of fire pits and on summer nights there are often bonfires with partys and you can meet the local surfer guys :

Newport Beach, CA, United States : Rusty Pelican Newport Beach is a MUST stop when coming on a girls trip! It is right on the water, has delicious food, great drinks and bar, dancing some nights, and a great crowd (mostly 25-45) and always great energy! Everybody knows the Rusty Pelican (brunch here is very popular also) and people dock their boats and sit on the patio with a bloody mary and view of the bay.

Newport Beach, CA, United States : Right by the Mutt Lynchs Newport Beach Boardwalk is always busy, so come early if you want a seat. The best seats are up to the windows that open to the beach outside with people walking by on the boardwalk. Beer and wine only at Mutt's but they have a huge selection of beer and the food is good for a bar. But you come to Mutt's for the energy and atmosphere. On Wed (I think it's Wed) nights they have a group of runners who run on the beach and then have beer afterward. They meet at Mutts' and my girlfriends and I were there one night and joined in, they were totally cool about it and had a blast- just a chill crowd. Anybody who knows Newport has been drunk at Mutt's :)

Boston, MA, United States : You cannot say you’ve visited Boston without having gone Newbury Street Shopping in Boston. It’s the number one shopping destination of the city and caters to any-sized wallet. Starting near the Hynes Convention Center T Stop, shops for the more trendy and budget-conscious can find boutique shops, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, funky record stores, and some classy second hand shops. At the other end the street (about a 25 minute walk total) you can find the higher end stores such as Nordstrom and fancy boutiques. Along the way you’ll find an excellent hodgepodge of stores, places to eat, coffee shops, and even some street artists selling their paintings.

Faneuil Hall Shops Boston is set of shops built on the original cobblestone streets of the city and is worth a look for the atmosphere alone. I really don’t like winter, but one look at the Faneuil Hall Christmas decorations and I completely forget about the cold. And in the summer months some the city’s coolest street performers gather here to show off. You’ll see everything from living statues to aerobatic dance crews. Also, the variety of shops is quite satisfying-most of the more popular chain stores such as American Eagle and Victoria’s Secret can be found here.

Okay so it’s technically Cambridge, but we love it so much we often claim it as our own. It’s an easy (and scenic) ride on the T over the river from Boston’s CBD. Harvard Square Boston boasts the beautiful red brick buildings and streets that you’d expect from the university that gives its name to the location. This is the place to go for those funky toy and gift shops. There are also more name brand stores around this area but they are balanced by boutiques and cafes.

Boston, MA, United States : Affectionately called the “Prue” by most Bostonians, Prudential Center is a super luxurious shopping mall, the biggest of its kind in the city. It has stores like Sephora, Godiva, and Free People. There are lots of restaurants inside as well as a pretty typical food court that has an amazing salad/soup/sandwich place.

Boston, MA, United States : The Fairy Shop Boston is a really small but fun and unique boutique for fairy and magical creature lovers! You’ll find a wide assortment of gifts such as apparel, mugs, jewelry, and books. It’s located on Newbury Street, conveniently nearby some the city’s main attractions. They even sell fairy dust!

Boston, MA, United States : This adorable spot is a must, must, must do in Boston! Trident Bookstore and Restaurant offers some of the best breakfast options in the whole city. It’s feels quaint but is also spacious, with two different levels for dining. My friends and I like to go there for Trivia Nights on Fridays and order sweet potato fries, their amazing dip, and some warm cookies. I cannot say enough how much I love this place!

Boston, MA, United States : Legal Seafood restaurant has provided me with the best seafood meal I have ever had in my life. They make the best Clam Chowdah (that’s Boston for ‘chowder’) and have fresh fish coming in from the harbor every day. It is a chain so you’ll find one within a reasonable distance no matter where you stay.

Boston, MA, United States : I’ve written many a term paper at this cool spot. Crema Café offers signature sandwich, the Crema Chicken, is to die for-it’s this mix of creamy, cheesy, corn and chicken-filled toasted piece of heaven. They make excellent sweet potato chips as well. They also offer some great artisan coffee and special lemonades mixed with fruit and herbs. Grab a good book and stay awhile. Bonus: Cute Harvard guys (and girls!) hang out here

Boston, MA, United States : Noodles, rice, thai, oh my! I’m hungry just thinking about this place. Noodle Street Restaurant Boston offers rice and noodle dishes are made with quality ingredients and are not afraid to serve things spicy. They also have delicious bubble teas and soups. Some college kids hang out but you'll also see some posh crowds as well after galas and formal events held on Boston University’s campus.

Boston, MA, United States : The epic battle between Mike’s and Modern Pastry rages on. Luckily they are on the same street. I’d recommend taste-testing at both places so that you can make an informed vote. It’s the responsible thing to do- lol. I am biased towards Mikes Pastry because they’re better, they have amazing cannolis (available to ship fresh anywhere in the US), and they make a peanut butter and chocolate fudge brownie that, believe it or not, I have actually had a dream about :)

Boston, MA, United States : A speak-easy themed live jazz club The Beehive has plush seats, delicious food, and some tasty cocktails. It’s located next to the Boston Center for the Arts and attracts theater goers and artists alike. They have recently introduced burlesque nights. It’s simply a great place to lounge after hours if you want to listen to live music, talk, and hang out.

Boston, MA, United States : The Machine Nightclub in Boston is known as the most popular gay club in Boston. It hosts some really fun themed parties and occasionally has 18+ nights. The Machine sometimes has live dancers and is the go-to after party for all gay pride events in the city. If you just want to dance and not be bothered by guys hitting on you (like we do sometimes), this is a good option.

Boston, MA, United States : Any outside shots you’ve seen on the TV show The Cheers Bar in Boston was in fact this bar. The set up on the inside is different from the rest of the show, but it’s a fun place with tons of memorabilia posted on the wall. They also have a good selection of beers!

Boston, MA, United States : I’m in love with this place. G20 Spa and Salon has a rooftop balcony, a salt-infused waterfall relaxation room, a nap pod, saunas, hot tubs, elegant showers, snacks and tea, and that’s just the amenities that are included with any service purchase! I could spend a whole week here. You can even order lunch to be delivered from the Cafeteria Café next door. Seriously my best spa experience ever.

Boston, MA, United States : The sister spa of G20, this venue boasts many of the same amenities and services but has a more regal feel to it. While G20 Spa brands itself as a hipper spot, Emerge Spa and Salon offers an elegant and classy atmosphere with its gold trimmed walls and marble flooring. Emerge is also popular for its spa body wraps and anti-aging facials.

Boston, MA, United States : This woman was amazing, inspirational, and is a fantastic role model for women everywhere. Her life and her mansion turned Elizabeth Street Garner Museum are truly spectacular and incredibly interesting. She had a very strong eye for art work, collecting pieces from artists before they even became famous. Widowed only a few years into her marriage she travelled the world, much to the dismay of her family and friends, and earned a reputation as an outgoing and eccentric figure. Inside her mansion is an entire garden complete with a working stone waterfall. Her grounds also host even larger gardens and hedge sculptures. It’s one of my personal favorite places I’ve ever been.

Boston, MA, United States : This Huntington Theatre Company proudly resides in the gorgeous Boston University Theatre (go Terriers!) and has recently won a Tony. Every show I’ve seen there has showcased beautiful sets, excellently-crafted costumes, and some incredibly talented actors. They mostly put on popular plays but also host operas and the occasional musical. The stage itself is gorgeous and has a lot of history.

Boston, MA, United States : I’m a little biased because I go here, but Boston University Theatre has one of the best acting conservatories in the world and our shows are almost always free. If you like funky, contemporary plays or would just like to see young actors and years from now say, “I remember when…” this is a great spot. The school boasts such alum as Geena Davis, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Jason Alexander but has also turned out some of the leading members of theater and film communities across the world. At any given week we can have as many as 5 shows running in black box spaces on campus or large stages all over town.

The Freedom Trail Boston is the most popular tourist attraction/historical monument/scenic walk in town. It begins in the park and takes you to all the most interesting and significant monuments to American history. You get to see churches, graveyards, Paul Revere’s house, and many other cool stops. You can also opt to go with a costumed tour guide, to add a little amusement to the event.

Boston, MA, United States : Boston Library Architectural Tour takes you inside and around one of Boston’s most beautiful buildings. There are marble lions, pretty murals, and a lot of the original architecture is still in tact. It’s a short but informative and interesting tour that takes place once every day. Definitely worth it for history and art buffs. And it’s free so that’s always great.

This is one of the best ways to see Boston Duck Tour. These trucks drive around on land and they show you the city, then they drive right into the water and show you the city by water. I’ve personally gone on 3 duck tours because they’re awesome and we love them. Each tour guide has decorated their duck mobile to their interests and most of them have been/currently are professional comedians so they’ll be sure to make you laugh. You get to drive around the city and get acquainted with the areas you were probably going to visit anyways while also getting to cruise the Charles River without leaving your seat! The view of the city from the river is stunning. This tour is the best way for visitors to really get a feel for what this city is all about.

Boston, MA, United States : Painted on the street just beside the library you’ll see the Boston Marathon Finish Line and the site of the recent Marathon bombings. The storefronts and street have since been fixed and the area is now a memoriam for those that were lost and injured in the attack. This event is the most significant in the city’s recent history and has brought about an impressive amount of strength and loyalty from its residents. #BostonStrong

Boston, MA, United States : See the Red Sox play on their home turf or just come see one of the most beloved sports stadiums in the world! Fenway Park Boston is perfect for sports fans or anyone wanting to grab a hot dog and boo the Yankees (which is what happens no matter who they play against). Bostonians are fiercely proud of their city and their sports teams, making it impossible not to get into the spirit. When you go there, be sure to ask about the green monster…

Best photo opportunity ever. The classic Make Way for Duckling story is embodied in a statue of the mama duck and her babies, located near the Boston Gardens (which is beautiful and worth a look as well). The figures are very cute and bring back some childhood memories. Get in line and say cheese!

Ride a Swan Boat Boston Gardens on the pond inside the Garden. These boats are iconic images of Boston and the ride itself is lovely. My friends and I ride every time they visit-we never get tired of it and it’s pretty cheap! Most of the boats have been used since the opening of the pond and various celebrities are said to have taken a ride on them as well.