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3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas Strip, Nevada- I went to this with my boyfriend and two other girlfriends. At Marquee at the Cosmopolitan guys have to pay but us girls get in free. It just sucks because; you have to split up your party to get in if you have a guy with you. It was no problem though meeting up and find each other inside! Thank goodness for cell phones! We also got one free drink without tickets and it was not even that strong. Like do they water down the liquor here? Anyway, the dance floor was somewhat small and exceptionally crowded. Overall, the music had a good vibe, I danced the night away with my boyfriend and girlfriends, and ended up not getting too wasted because of the price and quality of the drinks, which was a good thing. I actually cannot believe I’m saying this but I can’t wait to go back again!

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA, United States : On the weekend, my girlfriends and I often go to Venice beach. We can find everything from crazy street vendors to the coolest tattoos to skateboarders and cute guys! I highly recommend the skatepark and muscle beach (part of Venice beach) for cute guy watching depending on if punk or muscle is your type. Personally, I prefer punk. However, just walking up the boardwalk is cool too for people watching. My girls and I will usually share a pizza at Larry’s. My biggest tips are to bring cash, but be careful of pickpockters, they know this is a cash area so keep your money zipped up and not loose in your pocket or purse. Do not go at night, it is a bit dangerous then, and never take a CD from someone, just keep walking. Oh and of course, bring your camera and ENJOY!

Caesars Palace Drive, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas Strip, Nevada- Celine Dion at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace is one of the best performers of her generation and is incomparable to any other show in Las Vegas. This show is a must-see when you come into town. Tickets are a bit pricey but there really is no bad seat within the venue. Even though it is total entertainment and there is dancing, choreography and the works, your eyes are fixated on this super star the entire time. I highly recommend this to anyone who knows what good music is. It is an absolute must-see! Everything from the set, to the costume changes to the barely any intermission, makes it the complete Celine Dion experience!

Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States : Hollywood, California- If you want to see some of your favorite stars and take a walk down memory lane, come see the world-famous Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd in Holly, California. You won't believe how many stars there are and how many great celebrities you have forgotten about until you see their star. And you'll be in Hollywood so you might even see some celebrities!

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas Strip, Nevada- Treasure Island Hotel Casino used to be all about the kids with the big Pirate Show and kid-friendly toys. But now, it's grown up a bit and the resort has been remade to be more for adults. It fits into the strip much better now and plays to its audience, adults who want to have fun in an adult town. Inside is Mexico-favorite Senior Frogs and Kahunaville Party Bar, and Mystere is a world-class cirque du soleil show!

Hollywood Wax Museum, Hollywood CA : I cannot believe that I lived in Los Angeles for so many years without ever visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum. I finally went about 3months ago and it was incredible. I had so much fun walking around and checking out all the different works of art. Most of the wax figures look FREAKISHLY real. It was great. A quick tips are to not buy the pass for access to Ripley’s Guinness and this museum unless you have enough time in the city or day to visit all three. Otherwise go check them all out. They are worth seeing. I just can’t believe I hadn’t been here before!

MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV : MGM Grand Hotel is incredible there is a nonexistent check in line and there were no surprises at check-in. The rooms are gorgeous and immaculate and come equipped with a mini fridge, coffee & tea and a nice bathroom with a tub that fits two plus a walk-in shower. It is a girl’s dream. It was a difficult task to decide which side of the bed to sleep on because it was so huge. I ultimately “settled” for the left side. I was thankfully in Tower 1 that includes a Starbucks and is less than a 5minute walk to the casino of MGM. Which is absolutely amazing. Overall, my experience at the MGM Grand was perfect!

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium, Hollywood CA : Ripleys Believe It Or Not Odditorium is located in the heart of Hollywood on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood, Blvd, is home to a ton of curiosities, and brings in a ton of tourists and locals alike. I absolutely loved this place, enjoyed checking out all the oddities, and was not hesitant to take on all the gruesome challenges. There was a real shrunken head, a wall that was awesome because, it captured shadows, and replicas of the most tattooed people on Earth, as well as so many more interesting things to gawk at. I went with adults this time but, next time I am going to bring my younger cousins.

TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood CA : Okay so, I know getting here and parking is a complete irritation, and almost not worth it but, I saw an IMAX movie here and it was an incredible experience. In addition, it is THE place to see movie. TCL Chinese Theatre itself was huge and had intricate decorations. It was a show stopping performance and a real movie experience from start to finish. It cost me $20 for my IMAX ticket and it was great. The sound was loud and it really brought you into what was happening in the movie. It is great thing to do when you want to see something special.

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA, United States : I have got preface this by saying I never go to the beach, but when I got to The Santa Monica Pier, I wonder why I never go. This is because; it is such an incredible place to go. The Ocean Water off the pier is absolutely beautiful, there are great dining options on the boardwalk and the amusement park is such fun. Not to mention, during summer they have free concerts, which are always fantastic. I would highly recommend you check out The Santa Monica Pier if you visit Los Angeles, I almost enjoy it more than Venice Beach on the Weekend with my girlfriends.

The Roxy Theater, Los Angeles CA, USA : I went here to see my favorite band, The Veronicas, and the experience was great from front to back. First of all The Roxy Theater isn’t always 21+ so all my younger friends could get in, they just mark you with a wristband if you can drink and if not you don’t get a wristband. I actually ended up being able to see the backstage area because the bouncers there are amazing. So I got more of an experience than most people do but with that aside – it is still an incredible place. It is where every superstar has started and it is an iconic must-visit if you are in LA and want to see a show or if you are a local it is still great. I know I had a fantastic time there.

House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles CA, USA : I went here with a bunch of friends to see a friend’s band; we ended up sitting on the balcony because we were there so early. Sitting up there are two options the $50 table, which we were able to afford and the $100 table that is lower to the ground and quite honestly a whole lot more comfortable. The food was good and it was a great place to watch some awesome live music. I am actually here quite often because they only book quality acts. I love music and sound at House of Blues Sunset Strip is perfect. Their audio person deserves a lot of praise, because they have mastered the fine art of live music. I am here all the time!

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings, Las Vegas NV, USA : One of my friends ended up decided to elope in Vegas and they went here to do it. They wanted something that was exceptionally “different” from the typical big event wedding and they got exactly what they are looking for. With the wedding fee they were able to write their own vows and get some amazing photography. The owner of Scenic Las Vegas Weddings, Melissa, is exceptional and nice and went out her way to please the bride and groom. Not to mention she takes incredible photos that the place is famous for. All and all attending a wedding here was great. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to elope in Vegas. Overall My friends, the newly weds, had a blast and are so glad they did it in true Vegas style.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : The great thing about Las Vegas is one minute it is as if you are NYC and then another minute you are in France, specifically in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. Paris in Vegas is incredible. It is just like the real thing only better because, you can win tons of money in their elaborate Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino. The casino was amazing and I was thrilled because I won $300 at the Roulette table there. It was a great! I highly recommend Paris in Las Vegas to anyone who wants to win big because this place is so lucky. I win here every time I go!

North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, USA : North Rodeo Dr in Beverly Hills is the place to check out everything from Tiffany’s to Louis Vuitton. Rodeo Drive is packed with high-end fashion and is a sight to see. Even if you are limited to just limited to window-shopping, it is quite the experience and a total girls dream. Usually when I go here I’ll get myself something nice from Guess or Bebe because, those stores still make me feel like I’m shopping high end but are more affordable than anything else on this street. I got the most fantastic dress from Bebe on Rodeo Dr. once. I wish my closet was made out of the stuff on this street.

Olveria Street, Los Angeles CA, USA : This little block of Mexican culture and history is one of my favorite places to go in Los Angeles for Cinco de Mayo or Dia de Los Muertos. Not only are there amazing authentic restaurants and souvenir shops with things from Mexico, there’s also vibrant history and an adorable church to see. It is such a great place to visit that has true tradition and meaning to it. I believe Olveria Street is one of the oldest streets existing today in the United States short history. So, it is an absolute must see when it comes visiting Los Angeles.

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : I recently just stayed at this hotel for a friend’s birthday and it was amazing! However, there are renovations being done in the “Habitat” area while the “Spa” area is completed and fabulous so be sure to get a room near the spa! Also, Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel Casino is an amazing fitness center in the spa with a variety of classes like yoga, pilates, zumba and many more! There are many other attractions in this hotel like the habitat where a variety of exotic animals live, and the steakhouse featuring an tasteful array of options. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a full Vegas experience to stay here.

Buca di Beppo, Santa Monica CA, USA : Buca di Beppo is a family style Italian restaurant is the real deal! Everything that you are served is delightful and authentic. However, be sure to bring someone with or you will have a lot of leftovers! The décor is rather interesting and a sight in itself to see! The wait staff is very helpful and courteous. It is just like some restaurants that I visited in Italy! This is because they are family orientated, genuine and the price is just right. You cannot beat this when it comes to fun for everyone! I’ve even been here with my boyfriend and we had a blast!

Disneyland, Anaheim CA, USA : Everyone must go to Disneyland once in his or her lifetime! I went with a family member who was disabled so we were able to skip the lines, but even with the lines it is worth it! There are so many great restaurants like the blue bayou, and great shopping throughout the park. Not only that it is completely designed for you to have a good time. There is no such thing as crying at Disneyland. I do recommend splitting the park into two days if you have very little children otherwise make use of your fast passes and GO!

Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : Monte Carlo Hotel Casino is seriously one of the best hotels in Las Vegas on the strip and the best deal you can probably get! It is absolutely gorgeous at every turn with the best spa facilities on the strip. Every thing about this hotel is beautiful, from the casino, to the rooms, and the restaurants; even the public restrooms are gorgeous! Since it is on the strip, you have easy access to all the nearby hotels and attractions. With its gorgeous spas, awesome casino, amazing room and great restaurants and ease of access to other nearby attractions, It is a no brainer to check out the Monte Carlo. You have got to do it now!