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Vino Verite Seattle

Tiles By April T

Capitol Hill, Seattle :

The owners of Vino Verite Seattle, Haj and Dave are a god-send to the Capitol Hill neighborhood. With free wine tasting from 6-8 every Thursday [and a bottle open every day to stop by and taste], I have been unbelievably impressed with the following: 1. I always go girlfriends, and every.single.time we go, we are remembered by name. My gfriend is an artist, and Haj is especially supportive and interested in the local art scene, encouraging my friend to get her website published and wanting to see her work! Now that's what I call local. 2. They are incredibly supportive and encouraging about wine education - with zero pretension 3. I get a personal email every week describing what will be served at the upcoming tasting.. 4. 4. Ridiculous selection of wine - and many that I can actually buy with prices ranging from $8-...well, a lot. Go to the tastings - but back away from the counter-left. That's my spot :)