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Venice Beach

Tiles By JasmineV33

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA, United States :

On the weekend, my girlfriends and I often go to Venice beach. We can find everything from crazy street vendors to the coolest tattoos to skateboarders and cute guys! I highly recommend the skatepark and muscle beach (part of Venice beach) for cute guy watching depending on if punk or muscle is your type. Personally, I prefer punk. However, just walking up the boardwalk is cool too for people watching. My girls and I will usually share a pizza at Larry’s. My biggest tips are to bring cash, but be careful of pickpockters, they know this is a cash area so keep your money zipped up and not loose in your pocket or purse. Do not go at night, it is a bit dangerous then, and never take a CD from someone, just keep walking. Oh and of course, bring your camera and ENJOY!