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The Venetian

Tiles By Brie L

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States :

Las Vegas, Nevada I am in love with this hotel =) The Venetian Palazzo is definitely the BEST that you will get. You cannot beat the size of the suites and the location. Exceptional rooms in size and amenities. The standard suites are equipped with comfortable beds, clean, upgraded with timeless decor. There are TV's in every room literally, including the bathroom. I appreciated the bathroom suite with a ton of mirrors, vanity area, a TV etc. I had to come here for work and stayed for the week, but if I was to come on a personal trip, you can definitely share a room with friends - the suites are huge! I would totally recommend using the Canyon Ranch Spa within the Venetian which connects to the Palazzo - solid 5 stars. Review to come. From the room service, convenience, cleanliness, the list can go on - definite 5 stars. One last note, this casino actually pays out which is an added plus :


Tessi Jarvis 6 years ago  

I love the Venetian- we’ve stayed there many times and have always had such a blast! The rooms are comfy and it is close to everything and it’s always suites (at least when we stay).

Jasmine88 6 years ago  

I love the Venetian!