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The Bayou Salt Lake City

Tiles By Jayce JJ

Salt Lake City, UT, United States :

Salt Lake City, Utah- The Bayou Salt Lake City is a really cool restaurant / bar with over 300 beers and great Cajun inspired food. The Fish and Chips are halibut and are awesome. And you get fries either regular or sweet potato or a platter of both and the fries are excellent and come with this awesome fry-sauce (it's a Utah thing). There is a small patio they open when it's warm and the bar is located on State St and about 6th S so it's right downtown. Across the street is The State Room, which is a concert venue with small acts but some cool ones (we saw English Beat). The Bayou has a really atmosphere and Thu-Sat there is live music and they always have great bands. I highly recommend The Bayou