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Tao Nightclub Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, United States :

Tao Nightclub Las Vegas is in the Venetian hotel/casino. Get Bottle service with promoter, not Tao staff. We booked with Tao directly and I had to negotiate down to $1,100+ service= $1,400 for 2 bottles of Grey Goose (for 14 girls). Then, we ran into a promoter in Vegas who instead got us a $450 bottle with 1 free bottle, totaling $700 after service. The area where our table was located (upper level) had this great elevated space at the back of the booth where we danced all night. Bottle service gets you a table and the bottles and mixers. We figured it was worth it because if we were all ordering $18 drinks we'd spend that much anyway and this way we get the table (Much Better with a table!) The venue- -Very loud DJ, your ears will ring the next day -AMAZING special effects from lasers to confetti to this bubble/foam sprinkling down, to mostly naked Asian models bathing in rose petal tubs.. -Throughout the night there were a few DJ's spinning house music -The dance floor is extremely packed