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Restaurant CityZen Washington DC

Tiles By Valerie Noles

Washington, DC, United States :

Restaurant CityZen Washington DC accomplished an impressive achievement that seems to beguile many well-hyped DC top trip restaurants in not only living up to the hype, but beyond expectations. The management of this restaurant is highly appreciable. We entered the restaurant at the end of the evening. We could see the entire staff was incredibly attentive, friendly, and on top of things. We were seated near the dazzling open kitchen and in what is often a rarity for big name restaurants, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that Chef Ziebold was in the kitchen, managing the whole operation. After onoy a few minutes our waiter took our order and we were served in less than 20 minutes, which seemed to be incredibly fast for how busy they were. I have tried many restaurants but this is among my favorites. Highlights of the evening included delicious lamb carbonara, chilled Maine lobster salad, and my favorite, soft shell crab. We also enjoyed the wines that were served and the addictive parker house rolls.