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Girls Getaway Trip Destination?

Pearl and Ash

Tiles By April T

Nolita, Manhattan, NYC :

Before even taking a look at the menu of Pearl and Ash, the music (from pop oldies to Rolling Stones), friendly staff, and dim lighting made me happy to have found such a place to take refuge from the frigid temperatures outside. While I was meeting girlfriends for dinner, we all commented that it would make a great date spot - cozy but at the same time loud and not too intimate. The wine list is massive (as a heads up, expect to pay somewhere in the $15 - $20 range for a glass.) The server advised us that everything on the menu was "designed to share," and that 2 people should order 6 - 8 items, which we did. Of everything we ordered, the scallop crudo stole the show - we both even remarked that it reminded of us of key lime pie - but the squash with boar's bacon wasn't far behind.