Looking for a fun
Girls Getaway Trip Destination?

Pack Light Pack Right

Tiles By Morris Kim

Pack Light Pack Right Don’t get “bagged” down with a load of clothes you may or may not wear while on vacation. Go for simple pieces that combine for fashionable fun without the weight. Swimming or not, anywhere there’s sun and water pack a bathing suit. Add a sarong and you’re ready for beach nightlife. Forget the cliché’ “little black dress”, you’re on vacation not going to a funeral. A simple dress can easily go from day to night with accessories and shoes. Add bottoms such as: jeans, shorts or capris and a few tops; wardrobe complete.


Kelsie L 6 years ago  

Some summer dresses can be worn as shirts too :)

Morris Kim 6 years ago  

Great idea Kelsie :-)

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