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Newport Beach

Tiles By Holly

Newport Beach, CA, United States :

Newport Beach has some of the best beaches in the world and the beaches are wide, which means you never feel too crowded, like on most beaches in the summertime. Go to the peninsula (which they call the "warzone" in the summertime because it gets so crazy and wild) and the first pier, Newport Pier, gets the wildest. They call it the "warzone" for a reason. But if you keep going down the peninsula to the Balboa Pier (about one mile further down the peninsula) it is still busy in the summer, but not nearly as wild and crowded. The beaches are all amazing and you can walk to the bay on the other side. Early mornings you'll see dolphins right by the shore, you can get Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP's) or get a canoe or surf or rent a duffy boat and cruise to music. There is Amazing shopping at Fashion Isdland and there are tons of great restaurants and bars right on the peninsula and you don't drive anywhere, you walk or ride bikes on the boardwalk. It is the PERFECT place for a Girls Trip!


Stephanie Johnson 6 years ago  

I LOVE Newport Beach!!! Best beaches in the world- go to Mutt Lynch’s on the boardwalk!!

Kelsie L 6 years ago  

I want to go SO BAD!!