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Meso Maya Mexican Food

Tiles By Kelsie L

Dallas, TX, United States :

Went to Meso Maya Mexican Food for dinner with a group of 12 people for a birthday. They have complimentary valet with cordial valet guys. The place was packed but we were seated in less than 5 minutes. The chips and salsa are really good. I have no idea what is in their salsa but they obviously make it in the restaurant and it is seriously addicting. This is not your typical Tex-Mex joint style of food and quite frankly, there's far too much of that in Dallas. We ordered the Cochinita Pibil (Yucatan style braised pork), the meat was very tender and the flavor outstanding; and we tried the Budin Azteca (tortillas layered with cheese) plain and I ordered the carne asada as an accompaniment. The Budin was excellent! The margaritas are delicious; funny the skinny one had the most alcohol. The avocado one is the best, followed by the skinny. We also tried the serrano berry and the cucumber. I enjoyed the cucumber too.