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Girls Getaway Trip Destination?

Maison Moschino Hotel

Tiles By Morris Kim

Milan, Italy :

I recently met a lady who'd just returned from a trip to Italy; we had light conversation about her trip and she shared a few photos from her purse. I can't say if I'll ever make it to Italy, but if I do I want to visit the extremely, feminine Maison Moschino Hotel. Oh my goodness, this place is delicious for my bff's and I to stay in. When this stranger described the rooms, I was caught in the vivid imagery of coffee cup and saucer tables, cupcake pillows and lamps that looked like purses and dresses. The photos said it all. This place is so full of everything girly, I can't imagine not wanting to go shopping and returning to play dress up like 5 year olds. She spoke of exceptionally great service and knowledgeable staff who shared information on local places for eating, shopping and sightseeing. She stated how booked this place can be if waiting too late in planning. She said the food was incredible and rooms were pristine. If I have my way; Italy here I come CIAO BELLA!