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LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach

Miami Beach, FL, United States :

LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach is an ultra-hot nightclub in Miami Beach that is even tougher to get into than the others. The place is huge with 3 floors and massive sound and light systems. It opens at midnight and the line is impossible so get there "early", like 11 or 11:30 and either talk to a promoter on the street or talk to the guys in line to have someone pay your way in. Drinks are $16 and they add 20% gratuity. If you are a large group of ladies and you get there really early and are dressed hot the bouncers (who are all rude and douchey, like every other Miami club) will give you a free table- SO WORTH IT!! You'll almost always see celebrities there and if you stay at the Fontainebleau hotel (where LIV is located in) it helps. Bathrooms are actually better than I expected and they didn't have lines (wow!). Go big or go home!


Stephanie Johnson 6 years ago  

I’ve heard that LIV is amazing, can’t wait to go!

Kelsie L 6 years ago  

I’m going to Miami next month- I will definitely go check it out!