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Le Cirque New York

New York, NY, United States :

Le Cirque, amazing! If you love food, you'll love everything about this place. I came here with my friends and we had the four course tasting menu. If one person wants to get it, the whole table gets the tasting menu. The whole place is implacable and elegant. The main dining room is circular which is very pretty. The branding of the plates, napkins, and overall decor was charismatic. The service was excellent. We all had our own orders of veggies and when they plated our food, we were ready for an adventure. It was tremendously amazing. Every bite you take melted in your mouth. Extremely delicious and every bite was pure heaven and we didn't leave a single piece behind. Finally we wrapped that up and moved on to dessert. In le Cirque, everything was great. The whole meal was amazing, from start to finish, and I am seriously still dreaming of this meal.