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Le Bernardin

Tiles By Madilyn Majors

New York, NY, United States :

In Le Bernardin i had a truly superb dinner during my recent visit to New York. We go there for the chef's tasting menu with wine pairing. Each dish we tasted was perfectly prepared and I truly enjoyed every single one - a rarity for tasting menus. The langoustine was a standout in particular; the flavor of the truffles and the aged balsamic sauce was a wonderful combination. Most of the wine pairings were white wines as you'd expect for a seafood-oriented restaurant, but a few creative pairings, such as a Japanese sake with the king fish/caviar, worked surprisingly well and were an interesting and refreshing departure from traditional all-wine pairings. Service was impeccable, of course - polished and friendly yet neither overbearing nor overly stuffy. Overall, it was an amazing dinner and I would even rank it higher than The French Laundry. While there were some courses at TFL that really stood out above the others, I felt that the overall experience at Le Bernardin was awesome.