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Inn at Spanish Bay Pebble Beach

Tiles By Madilyn Majors

Pebble Beach, Del Monte Forest, California, United States :

Woww!!!!! What a darling place. All of Carmel and pebble beach. The ocean view morning to evening from room at Inn at Spanish Bay Pebble Beach was gorgeous. I loved the room. There were a table and two chairs on the patio for us to drink coffee watching the sunrise. It was so romantic! It look superb when look outside from the terrace or balcony. This place is not so expensive, very affordable. The services are excellent and room services are also fast. Dinner was extremely delicious. The dishes are the best but the choices that are provided are awesome. I ordered the peanut butter and bacon encrusted filet. It was the best food that have ever eaten The staff very nice highly knowledgeable and whenever you go there they always welcoming you with open heartily. The atmosphere is so cool and pleasant. If you go there it will be your desire to go there again and again. Very nice and unforgettable scene of sun set. I want to go there again and enjoy happy moments of life.