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Golden Gate Bridge

Tiles By Kali Bearson

Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful and Iconic, without taking some pictures of this functional work of art, no trip to the city is complete. Taking a picture will do for some, but for the full experience, bring a jacket and go for a walk on the bridge. Stop, feel and watch the bridge move for a real experience. It is such a great feeling just to be on the bridge and to see the entire city. Here are so many areas that are excellent to take good pictures at. Either at the bottom or on the bridge but it's finest to go like half a mile away from the bridge at the bottom to take high-quality pictures. The bridge is not only for the most photographed bridge in the globe, but also pretty functional. With daily tourists, commuters and locals alike, this bridge is strongly made for bike riding, jogging, walking, and running, at all times of the day.