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Portland, OR, United States :

I came upon Flora by accident while strolling one day. I walked in and was greeted by the very sweet owner who was not only kind and helpful, but truly a joy to talk to. She made me a sample of their Plum Oolong tea, which is delectable (and I'm almost out of it). And they have an assortment of fine items- unique cards, the best ever hand-poured candles from Tatine; one-of-a-kind art and furniture pieces. And miraculously soft cotton blankets and amazing teas (by the ounce) and chocolates.. Along with the tons of very beautiful and unique items they carry, they also make their own perfume oils. I am often bothered by the smell of some perfumes, some even gives me migraines. But these are quality oils, not the cheap alcohol and chemical-based perfumes you find at department stores. These are special, and they smell like heaven. It's always such a pleasure to support local businesses, even more so when they're as special and wonderful as this one. I couldn't recommend this shop more!