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Eleven Madison Park

Tiles By Madilyn Majors

Manhattan, New York, NY, United States :

Eleven Madison Park! Ultimate culinary experience ever! Absolutely one of the best meals I've ever had and incredible journey of, ingredients, flavors, presentation, and service. It's little expensive but every penny wrathful! The service and food was just superb! I love the hospitable service of staff and the staff really marvelous attentive, they make huge efforts to make you feel special. The taste experience was amazing. The lots of appetizers were sensational, very unique tastes experience. Whole course was modern and fantastic, playing on simple dishes like a Waldorf Salad, although playing homage to NY's black & white cookie and pastrami sandwich. Eleven Madison Park no doubt most beautiful and elegant restaurant. The restaurant's main dining room was large hall, decorated with beautiful flower in the middle enclosed by conventional place setting and white cloths. It's classy, upscale and everyone is dressed accordingly.