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Girls Getaway Trip Destination?

Cuyahoga Valley

Tiles By Staci Helward

Cuyahoga valley park is completely dazzling! If you are a first time visitor, you should first enjoy the hiking along the ledges or enjoying a picnic in the unique Octagon sanctuary house. Or even at the beautiful Ledges shelter house Here you can enjoy the warmth of fireplace .The park is always clean and the staff are super friendly! Even the bathrooms are always kept clean! And there's other sections worth exploring as well. They offer a great hill for sledding with a barrel for a fire that anyone can enjoy. There's also a bat cave. And of course, lots of art related projects, guided tours, etc... The only national park in the Buckeye State is elegant and attractive is only a stone's throw from Cleveland and Akron . Then there's lesser known treasures within the park, such as wineries and farms, as well as the only covered bridge in Summit County. If you swerve off of the Towpath, you won't be disappointed.