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Bourbon Branch San Francisco Speakeasy

Tiles By April T

We had heard about Bourbon Branch San Francisco Speakeasy from a friend who lives in San Francisco and she told us about how it was a speakeasy years ago during prohibition and you have to find it and have a password to get in and it all sounded mysterious so we had to check it out. You need to reserve a time slot (and I hear they are really strict about being there during your time), but once you get inside you can just feel the history! The drinks are amazing, they really spend time to make sure your drink is perfect. The menu has the best drinks and they even have house rules, like, "no cell-phones" and "no standing at the bar" and they don't allow photography. I guess they want it to stay mysterious and it looks like its working- definitely worth the experience!


Stephanie Johnson 6 years ago  

This sounds fun just to check it out :)