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Aubergine Restaurant

Tiles By Kali Bearson

Napa Valley, Napa County, CA, United States :

Aubergine Restaurant is what a darling place. This restaurant deserves a drive down to Carmel by the sea just because of this bite.The food is incredible. Much of the ingredients are locally sourced. Flavor shine clearly through the presentation and like a symphony are present in different ways in various movement of the piece. The wine that was served to us was just perfect. It was wonderful night and we would go back again. Best food I have ever had! Had the delicious menu and was puff away! Services was excellent loved the oyster and caviar. The chef use of seasonal ingredients was spot on, flavor amazing, ambience fantastic, just great establishment all around. The ambiance kind of reminds me of a modern French laundry. This is cozy small restaurant with an upscale classy decor. I loved the unique artistic, creative and natural distinctness of the menu. I just can’t explain how blown away I was by each dish, that was presented to me.


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