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ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

Tiles By Staci Helward

Los Angeles :

ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood is a biggest theater not only seen many stars on a screen, but you may save many memorable things —you might catch a few sitting next to you in the spectators. This theater present 14 screens with aloof stadium seating the seats are wider than average. There is big food court for snacks, choose from dishes such as gourmet chicken sausage on a baguette and great caramel corn made on site. The food court is nice neat , clean and hygienic If a pleasing customer service experience Sure the location is great. Sure the seats and screens are cool. All staff are nice, helping and hard working, they never make any argument from you. Arclight theater just focused on their quality of entertainment. Appreciate the series they do, and the fact that they'll bust out old film prints of classics, and allow the audience to revel in some reminiscence.