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AMC Loews Uptown

Tiles By Staci Helward

Washington, DC, United States :

“The Uptown” is the best place to see a movie in the Washington D.C area. It’s a great a movie theater, but a movie bastion featuring a single screen—a curved, 70-foot long and 40-foot high screen, one of the biggest area in it. The theater features a big terrace which is perfect for couples who want to creep upstairs and hold hands where age group have done the same. This is one of the biggest theaters. The environment of this theater is fabulous. Once you go AMC Loews Uptown, every other movie theater fails in assessment. But this AMC setting in Georgetown is much superior and platform much more movies of standard movies presenting, IMAX and 3D. Staff is nice; there are your regular popcorn and movie snacks and a yogurt bar. It's a good movie theater for dinner and a movie and many Georgetown restaurants, bars, or romantic stroll by the sea front. There is a big parking area , where the charge per person.