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Alinea Restaurant Chicago

Chicago, IL, United States :

Alinea Restaurant Chicago is one of the top notch in food innovation and experiences, unlike anywhere you have ever been. It become more interactive and keep in mind that is purely a molecular astronomy experience.The service here was absolutely impeccable. The staffs were never condescending, exceptionally helpful and truly fun to speak with. What makes this place so different from Pre se, French laundry and all the other Michelin starred restaurant is that they're inventive and very playful with their courses without being strange, eh-tasting or too gastro. The platting is fun and although the service is relaxed. You entered a purple/ pink-lit hallway and then a door slide open to welcome you to restaurant. We were seated upstairs and there we noticed a leaf seemingly floating above us. The food was incredibly unique my most favorite dish was the lobster over curry paste. For me, this was a most memorable and absolutely the best, meal of my life.