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3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas Strip, Nevada- I went to this with my boyfriend and two other girlfriends. At Marquee at the Cosmopolitan guys have to pay but us girls get in free. It just sucks because; you have to split up your party to get in if you have a guy with you. It was no problem though meeting up and find each other inside! Thank goodness for cell phones! We also got one free drink without tickets and it was not even that strong. Like do they water down the liquor here? Anyway, the dance floor was somewhat small and exceptionally crowded. Overall, the music had a good vibe, I danced the night away with my boyfriend and girlfriends, and ended up not getting too wasted because of the price and quality of the drinks, which was a good thing. I actually cannot believe I’m saying this but I can’t wait to go back again!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Take a break from all the commotion on the street and go to the Le Boulevard Shops. Here,you can get a little taste of France at the French boutiques and wine and cheese shops. We tried some awesome French snacks here when we weren't checking out the awesome clothing stores!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Vegas Vegas Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, United States : The Canyon Ranch Spa Club at the Venetian was an inexpensive getaway when we were in Vegas. With so many spas to choose from, we weren't quite sure where to go. We picked this spa because not only did it have a great atmosphere, they offered great deals as well. My friends and I chose the 'Day Passport', and for $40 we were able to work out a bit, sit in on a class, and then enjoy the Aquavana spa-baths, a sauna, and a hydrospa were all available with the Day Passport. It is a must while you are in Vegas to visit this Spa for some kind of treatment, whatever it may be.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : I was DYING to see these guys after I watched them on ABDC a few years back. I didn't even know they were playing in Vegas when we went but once I found out we got tickets right away! If you love entertainment, you must see Jabbawockeez guys. They have awesome dance moves and unbelievable stage personalities. Me and my friends had an awesome time and the crowd was really into it, too.

Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : Monte Carlo Hotel Casino is seriously one of the best hotels in Las Vegas on the strip and the best deal you can probably get! It is absolutely gorgeous at every turn with the best spa facilities on the strip. Every thing about this hotel is beautiful, from the casino, to the rooms, and the restaurants; even the public restrooms are gorgeous! Since it is on the strip, you have easy access to all the nearby hotels and attractions. With its gorgeous spas, awesome casino, amazing room and great restaurants and ease of access to other nearby attractions, It is a no brainer to check out the Monte Carlo. You have got to do it now!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Tickets are $18 at the gift shop (if you stay at the Venetian, they give you a voucher for 50% off when you purchase a full price ride). Domangio, our gondola driver, was amazing. He was super friendly and lots of fun. The ride lasted about 10 minutes and he sang two songs and chatted with us the whole time. It was a fun experience and it was fun- and it was something different!

Plazzo Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : Firstly, the suites are bigger than my first apartment! The Plazzo Hotel Casino has to be my new favorite place to stay when I am in Vegas! The front desk is always well staffed and check-in goes very quickly and smoothly from there, I will spare you my gushing thoughts about the rooms and move onto the actual casino! The Casino here is gorgeous and they have all the best games here. I feel like this could be a lucky place where someone could win obscene amounts of cash. They also have fine dining options, which are a no-brainer. I feel like I could stay here forever and never leave.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Wynn Esplanade Shops is high end and fabulous!! Cartier, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Manolo Blahnik, Chloe, Hermes, Chopard, Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and tons more! There is even a Ferrari dealership!

Caesars Palace Drive, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas Strip, Nevada- Celine Dion at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace is one of the best performers of her generation and is incomparable to any other show in Las Vegas. This show is a must-see when you come into town. Tickets are a bit pricey but there really is no bad seat within the venue. Even though it is total entertainment and there is dancing, choreography and the works, your eyes are fixated on this super star the entire time. I highly recommend this to anyone who knows what good music is. It is an absolute must-see! Everything from the set, to the costume changes to the barely any intermission, makes it the complete Celine Dion experience!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Hecho en Vegas at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas is awesome Mexican food and margaritas. Hecho has the best taquitos and table-side guacamole anywhere in Vegas! If you are staying at the MGM it's right as you are walking to the pool. If you aren't staying at the MGM just follow the signs like you going to the pool and you'll see it.

Las Vegas Roller Coaster, Las Vegas NV, USA : I feel like this attraction is necessary for any trill seekers out there like me. I know it was like the cherry on top of my trip. The Las Vegas Roller Coaster itself can be a huge wait but the ride is well worth it. Not only is it exhilarating the things you see as you pass by are indescribable. It is like you are transported to a very unique vantage point of Las Vegas that can only be obtained when you ride the roller coaster! Do not leave Vegas without trying this thing out. It is the absolute best thing to hit Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : The Bathhouse at Mandalay Bay spa offers amazing features, including temperature-controlled pools, waterfalls, and even a gym. Come to work out and then relax in one of the exotic baths. It will make you feel like you're certainly not in Vegas anymore. If it is in your budget, you must come here just for the entire experience. We went for the spa and absolutley loved the baths-it was totally worth it!

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino is my favorite hotel in Vegas! The pool is STUNNING! I'm a 20-something professional woman and this is perfect for girls like us! It's modern, luxurious, hip and the crowd is gorgeous! No trashy white girls here. The gym had great equipment and a nice view of the Bellagio fountains. The hotel lobby is very upscale, modern and I especially love the pillars that they have with ever changing screens - I'm mesmerized by the pretty flashing lights and colors. I admired all of the glitz and glam spread throughout the hotel and casino. We stayed in the well appointed king terrace suite with a phenomenal view overlooking the strip. It was such an uber swanky room! Spacious with a great big suede blue couch and the bathroom was Amazing with soaking tub and stand up shower. I spent a lot of my time enjoying the breeze on the attached terrace. Guests can enter Marquee nightclub without waiting in line, and you must check out the Chandelier bar- just trust me and chec

Las Vegas, NV, United States : The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a fun resort. We met some friends and ended up staying at the Hard Rock with them this summer and it was a lot of fun. Great energy and a fun atmosphere, especially at the big center bar, that was a LOT of fun. The pool was crazy busy but fun. We went to Rehab pool party and that was insane! The tickets were really expensive (I think $30 for girls) but we met some guys that paid for us because they were staying at the hotel and I think they get a discount. There's a Pink Taco to grab food (we love this place in LA) and there is a place called Fu Asian that has yummy tapas (we also had Thai Basil lettuce wraps). The only thing I didn't like was the $8 cab fare to get to the strip, but otherwise a fun place!

Kobe fillet kabob with wasabi is to DIE FOR! At Raku Restaurant Las Vegas there are so many yummy dishes you wont know which to get but you can do their tasting menu for $75. Everybody loved the foie gras but I'm not a fan if you like tofu you'll be in heaven they serve it chilled or not and its so yummy. The location is not the best, but once your inside you wont even notice or care

Las Vegas, NV, United States : The Bars at the Harrahs Hotel has an awesome collection of bars outside. Not only are the drinks cheap (on Vegas standards), the bartenders are full of 'flair', and will make sure you have an absolutley awesome time. When we went our bartenders were dancing with everyone and giving some shots on the house to the brave people who weren't afraid to show their moves to everyone at the bar!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : If you can't get enough of the lights and hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, then come walk along Fremont street. Here you will see amazing lights attached to casinos and walk along a street where numerous films have taken place. There was so much to do here that my friends and I ended up staying out the whole night! We hit a few clubs and bars, gambled a bit, and just sat outside people watching.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : If you and your friends enjoyed the circus growing up, See a Cirque Du Soleil Show takes circus to a whole new level. See absolutley amazing stunts and features that will leave your jaw dropped. We didn't actually go to the one here in Vegas-we went to one back home. But there were signs for it all over the strip and we talked to a lot of people who told us 'you HAVE to go'.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Caesars Palace is the king of the hotel/casinos on the strip! Shania Twain and Celine Dion have their own shows here, the Forums Shops are like being in shopping heaven and the pool is incredible. Plus, the restaurants and the rooms are comfy and it's right in the middle of the strip. How can you not like this resort? And most people don't even realize that the best spa in Vegas is Qua at Caesars. They have Chakra balancing and every sort of treatment you can think of. I did the auro-soma color massage and it was so cool, it was a massage and the room changes colors and scents and puts you in this total state of mind, you have to try it...

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : We spent my birthday here last year and we had a great time! Planet Hollywood Resort came through with flying colors in location, service, food, room cleanliness, amenities, and room view! I loved the large soaking tub in our room and the bed was absolutely comfortable. The Bellagio fountain view from our room was perfect. There are a few places to eat, like Earls and there is also a 24 hour Starbucks on site! Located right where all of the action is! Right smack dab in the heart of the strip, across the way from the gorgeous Bellagio lake and fountain show. There are no nightclubs in PH so the location is key. One of my favorite things about PH is it's also connected to the miracle mile shops- Shopping paradise!! The pool gets crowded but the music was good and the energy was incredible.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : If you need a break from the brand-name shopping, head to Bally's Hotel and check out Ballys Avenue Shoppes. Here you can explore unique boutiques, shop for cute accessories, and even try some chocolate. We found some cute tops to wear for the nights out for pretty good prices. We also took some breaks to gamble while we were there.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Flamingo Hotel and Casino is one of the most recognizable hotels in the world, you can't miss the big, beautiful pink neon Flamingo sign. It's been remodeled since we were here last, and the pool is even better than it was (and it was already one of the best). The pool is so lush and green and they have a DJ now if you want to do the pool dance-club thing. Donnie and Marie were performing (I loved the show!!!) and they have an adult revue which I didn't see. I did not check out the spa but I heard from some girls at the pool that it is nice. Right in the middle of the strip in Vegas and Margaritaville for drinks- YES please!

Of all the pools I have been to in Vegas and Ive been to most of them this one at the MGM Pool in Las Vegas is seriously the best! There is not just one pool but several and each is different and has different people and music. Not even mentioning Wet Republic but thats more of a dance club at a pool. The winding river goes all the way around the pool area. The whole pool is huge! I think I saw three areas to get drinks or food and the waitresses come around so you can even order while you are in the water!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas is known for its desert heat, and if you and your girls want to cool off and you aren't staying at a hotel with a great pool, or is you just like water parks, head to Wet N Wild Waterpark. They have awesome rides, including 'Bomb Bay' where a platform opens up underneath you and you plunge straight down. We went on a Tueday afternoon because we were meeting some guys, and it was way more fun than any of us though it would be. Why should the kids have all the fun. When in Vegas you can be a kid again and nobody knows :)

Las Vegas, NV, United States : I love aquariums and knew my group couldn't miss this experience at The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. For less than 20 bucks, you can walk under the sea animals and see everything from of course sharks, to piranhas and even a komodo dragon. It was kind of small, which was actually a great way to kill a few hours away from the heat.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : My friend and I stayed at the Luxor for 3 nights in June, 2014. As we drove up the Valet Parking attendants set the tone for the rest of the stay; they had great attitudes in the 108 degree weather, and let us know if we needed directions anywhere they could help! Then the check-in staff who were so friendly and helpful in choosing our room and acquiescing to our request for a higher floor let us know if we needed anything just call them. The rest of the staff at the Hotel were great as well, including the maid and room service staff. The rest of the stay was great...we saw the Chris Angel Magician Show, and walked through the Titanic and Bodies exhibits both top notch... Luxor Hotel and Casino was exceptional and the service was as good as it gets in Las Vegas. LAX nightclub is in the hotel and was still going when we left at 2am. Great price for the rooms too! Would I stay at the Luxor Las Vegas again, ABSOLUTELY...

Las Vegas, NV, United States : It is easy to get lost inside Underground Mall at the MGM Grand giant hotel. You can spend days in it and still not see everything it has to offer. It took a few nights after staying here that we actually found the mall by accident. That's why I'm giving you a tip- you need to go check out the basement here and see the amazing underground hidden shopping mall, where you can grab a nice American bite to eat or fill your bags with new clothes. It was definitely a pleasant surprise!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : I've been to Touch of Las Vegas day spa a couple of times and I recommend it if you don't have the time or money to spend at Qua (the BEST spa ever!) come here and you get a facial, mani/pedi, brazilian or even ear candling which was new to me but was a nice experience

N9NE Steakhouse. Las Vegas NV, USA : N9NE Steakhouse is a great place! It is a high-end steakhouse with great wines and a great beginning to a great night! They do not require a dress code either so you do not have to worry about that. They are very accommodating to everyone and they have spectacular renovated decor. My fiancé took me here for a romantic dinner and it was perfect! I would define their food as melt-in-your-mouth perfection! Their exceptional service just put the icing on the cake. I would recommend the NY sirloin! My fiancé loves the shrimp! I tell everyone I know about this place because it is just so great!

Las Vegas,NV : I love Thai food and I heard about Lotus of Siam Restaurant from a friend who visited Vegas before me. One night we weren't sure what to eat, so I thought to come here. I wasn't expecting much-just casual Thai food. I was pleasantly surprised. They had absolutley amazing authentic Thai food for reasonable prices. I had the Drunken Noodle Prawns which were delicious! The service was very friendly too!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas offers many Ladies Only Party Bus for special occasions. We were here for my friend's bacholerette party and chose a bus that provided acces to the Encore night club. The bus had everything from TV's to music and awesome lights! It was an awesome way to spend the night out celebrating

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Tao Nightclub Las Vegas is in the Venetian hotel/casino. Get Bottle service with promoter, not Tao staff. We booked with Tao directly and I had to negotiate down to $1,100+ service= $1,400 for 2 bottles of Grey Goose (for 14 girls). Then, we ran into a promoter in Vegas who instead got us a $450 bottle with 1 free bottle, totaling $700 after service. The area where our table was located (upper level) had this great elevated space at the back of the booth where we danced all night. Bottle service gets you a table and the bottles and mixers. We figured it was worth it because if we were all ordering $18 drinks we'd spend that much anyway and this way we get the table (Much Better with a table!) The venue- -Very loud DJ, your ears will ring the next day -AMAZING special effects from lasers to confetti to this bubble/foam sprinkling down, to mostly naked Asian models bathing in rose petal tubs.. -Throughout the night there were a few DJ's spinning house music -The dance floor is extremely packed

Las Vegas, NV, United States : If you love chocolate, then head to M&M world where you can be surrounded by it. Try free samples, see how M&M's are made, and come home with some for later! We had an awesome time visiting the store and even though we tried a ton of chocolate there, we came home and snacked on them for the rest of our trip (and had some leftover to bring home on the plane!)

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood include 170 stores and 15 restaurants right on the strip! They even have "people movers" if your feet are hurting and the water fountain features water shooting up to 50 feet high with lighting effects, color-changing fog and music from a surround sound system. The fountain show plays every hour on the hour, from noon - 11 p.m. Shopping is diverse, including Tommy Bahama, BCBGMAXAZRIA, American Apparel, H&M, White House/Black Market, Sunglass Hut, Lucky, Bikini Bay, Gap. ROxy, Vegas Royalty and Victoria's Secret.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple, Sephora, New York & Company, A|X Armani Exchange, Cache, H&M and many more. Town Square Shopping in Las Vegas is an outdoor mall atmosphere and there are a lot of restaurants including the Yard House, which is always good.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Rehab Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas is the part at a pool. Don't plan on swimming because the whole pool is full of people standing and drinking and dancing. There are always famous DJ's and celebs that stop by and the music is loud and pumping non-stop! Get a large drink cup because it is so busy getting a drink takes forever. It is expensive so if you can meet one of the promoters (you'll see them hanging around giving tickets to girls) that will save you serious money. We met some really cool guys that got us in. If you want to party at the pool Rehab has got it!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : When in Rome...head to Caeser's Palace to shop til you drop-literally. The Shopping at Caesers Palace mall is open until midnight on weekends-and that's where my friends and I went on a really hot day to get some relief. We ended up staying all night shopping, looking at the beautiful architecture inside, and eventually lost track of time! But it was fun!

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV, USA : Mandalay Bay is another absolutely gorgeous hotel! Even though it seems far from the strip, its actually not so don’t let that deter you! I went here with my fiancé and it was the ultimate couples hotel. It was so romantic and we had the best time! There are also many things to do here because it has its own convention center so go get drunk and have lots of fun inside the hotel! It is a little secluded from the action of the other hotels however that is not to say it isn’t an awesome place, because it really is.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : Visit the Wine Cellar and Tasting Room to sample one of the cellar's 10,000 wines from around the world. Stay for a while at Wine Cellar and Tasting Room at Rio and relax on their comfy couches and order some cheese or other delicious snacks to go with your wine of choice. They have more than 100 wines by the glass, and we definitely tried a lot of them. It was a relaxing, enjoyable day to say the least and the room itself was gorgeous! :)

Wynn Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : By far Wynn Hotel Casino is one of the most incredible in the Las Vegas area. It is exceptionally grand and makes you feel like the true Queen (or King) that you are. The room was perfect and the wait staff/service at this place exceptionally attentive. Everywhere you look there are breathtaking fresh flowers and the casino is not overly crowded which allows you to play at your leisure. This is a perfect combination for winning big at their tables. I know we did! They work hard here to make sure you feel special, there is no better place in Vegas than Wynn!

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Olives At The Bellagio has this big patio that overlooks the fountains at the Bellagio so every fifteen minutes or so you see a show (and the mist feels divine when it's hot out). They have pineapple martinis that they soak in the pineapple for 30 days and it is so sweet you would never believe it is just vodka and pineapple- they get an A+ for that drink! And the food is really good, I shared the Carpaccio and Mushroom Pappardelle and they were both so good!! But I also tasted four or five other dishes that my friends got and they were all really good. The Carpaccio was perfect for a light meal before going out.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Bar Masa is in the Aria. It is very expensive and has very fine Japanese food (if you want cheap sushi there are a hundred other places to go). Quality sushi is not common in the US so many people don't appreciate it, but if you do you will love Bar Masa. For example, uni (sea urchin). I've tried this at many Japanese restaurants, and universally, it made me gag. Literally. That is, until I had the uni at barMASA. At barMASA the uni is creamy, tasty, and delicious. My only explanation is because the ingredients are really fresh and well prepared. A lot of the other items on the menu gave me similar experiences. "Toro" in a lot of restaurants suspiciously tastes just like regular tuna, but here it's rich and delicious. Octopus is often chewy and kind of tasteless, but here the hibachi octopus is perfectly cooked, tender, and tasty (they put some kind of sauce on it that is really delicious).

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas Strip, Nevada- Treasure Island Hotel Casino used to be all about the kids with the big Pirate Show and kid-friendly toys. But now, it's grown up a bit and the resort has been remade to be more for adults. It fits into the strip much better now and plays to its audience, adults who want to have fun in an adult town. Inside is Mexico-favorite Senior Frogs and Kahunaville Party Bar, and Mystere is a world-class cirque du soleil show!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : The Bellagio Hotel remains one of the most beautiful hotels on the strip, or anywhere for that matter. The fountains are world famous (and immortalized in the Oceans 11 movie) and the casino, hotel, rooms, restaurants, shows- all of it is just classy and beautiful. The best Cirque du Soleil show "O" is at the Bellagio.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : OMG- Gucci, Tiffany&co, Fendi, Cartier, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo and more more more!! Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is like you are in this cool indoor mall but there is a blue sky above you and statues that move and talk (for real!) and lots of energy. There are some really restaurants but the shopping is the main attraction

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : SO much fun! Club XS in Las Vegas is packed and the music is pumping and you can dance all night and keep going. It's expensive for drinks so bring your credit or meet a hottie to take you like we did (you can "grease" the bouncer to let you skip the line). The pool has an area to take your shoes off and dance in the water!! We didn't see any celebs but we hear there are always celebs there like the girl from the Bachelor or Paris Hilton or whoever. Dress up and dance!!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : My friends and I absolutley love B Sweet Candy Boutique and can't resist a craving when it comes. That's why this place was perfect. They have every possible candy to try, but it still isn't your ordinary candy store. You can even schedule a candy buffet, which we totally would have done if we knew before we went. You can have a 'candy' party and choose what candies you want everyone to try and eat for your special occasion, or just for fun! Don't miss out-GO!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : I loved this salon which we just kind of stumbled upon one day. It is in the Stratosphere hotel and it is a very feel-at-home, cozy salon. They offer so many things, ranging from massages to facials to waxings. My friends and I came here and did one of their packages. It was inexpensive and an enjoyable, relaxing time.

Margaritaville, Las Vegas NV, USA : I went here last year for Cinco De Mayo and I have got to say, it was an absolute blast. Margaritaville is a must if you are in Vegas wanting great drinks and a good time. When I arrived at Margaritaville I didn’t realize what a big deal it was but now that I have been I can see why. Our bartender, Billy, was able to bring out the party in all of us girls. It is an awesome atmosphere, and everyone hanging out here were obviously having a good time too. The bartender, Billy, recommended we have FYRCHOS ,which was a great experience in and of itself. Overall, it was great, they were able to accommodate my large party without a problem and the vibe in there was just what we were looking for. Don’t go to Vegas without coming here!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : As you've probably seen in the movie "Ocean's Eleven", Fountains at the Bellagio hotel puts on an amazing, fantasic fountain show every 30 minutes (Maybe it's every hour, I can't remember exactly). The show is featured with lights and music. That best part of this show is that it is free! If you want to get a good view, you can head to the observation deck at the Stratosphere Hotel or head inside to Olives for drinks and dinner so that you don't miss a moment of the show.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, USA : Il Mulino New York in Caesars Palace Forum Shops has got to be one of my favorite fine dining places in Las Vegas. Il Mulino really can roll out the red carpet and make you feel like a complete celebrity. Not only do they have great service but, the food itself is to absolutely die for. Last visit, we shared ravioli and lasagna followed by dessert. They also have quite the extensive Italian wine list. It was impressive and I am sort of a wine snob, so I know how important great wine can be. I was very pleased with their selection of wines. All in all I always recommend Il Mulino because it is just so fantastic.

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings, Las Vegas NV, USA : One of my friends ended up decided to elope in Vegas and they went here to do it. They wanted something that was exceptionally “different” from the typical big event wedding and they got exactly what they are looking for. With the wedding fee they were able to write their own vows and get some amazing photography. The owner of Scenic Las Vegas Weddings, Melissa, is exceptional and nice and went out her way to please the bride and groom. Not to mention she takes incredible photos that the place is famous for. All and all attending a wedding here was great. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to elope in Vegas. Overall My friends, the newly weds, had a blast and are so glad they did it in true Vegas style.

The High Roller is the worlds largest observation wheel at 550 feet high. The High Roller has 28 spherical, Italian-handcrafted glass-enclosed cabins that hold 40 people in each and there is a bar so you can take drinks with you. Each cabin comes equipped with eight monitor screens playing video and music shows and you can rent them out for private parties or events.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : If you're in the mood for something a bit different, The Tower Shops at the Stratosphere has an awesome International shopping center, where you can find the themed streets. Walk through 'Paris' or 'Hong Kong', and experience a very fun and unique shopping day (or night). My friends and I love traveling so this was a must for this trip. It was so cool to see how everything was put together here.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : The pool at the Flamingo Hotel is one-of-a-kind. You can swim, and swim around real flamingos! And water slides! There is a memorial for Bugsy Segal (the mobster who made Vegas into the gambling, partying, hotspot it has become). If you want something a little more 'adult', head to the GO pool where you can enjoy drinks, a DJ, and party in poolside cabanas. We came here one day and stayed the whole time-swimming and taking drink breaks in between.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : The great thing about Las Vegas is one minute it is as if you are NYC and then another minute you are in France, specifically in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. Paris in Vegas is incredible. It is just like the real thing only better because, you can win tons of money in their elaborate Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino. The casino was amazing and I was thrilled because I won $300 at the Roulette table there. It was a great! I highly recommend Paris in Las Vegas to anyone who wants to win big because this place is so lucky. I win here every time I go!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : This VIP Club Crawl was awesome. For around $80, me and my friends were taken in a party bus to at least three clubs (Can't really remember), where we could get on, get off, and all our cover charges were pre-paid. We didn't have to wait in any lines either. We got some drink deals when we started and all the clubs they took us too were awesome! You have to do it-and you can do it more than once too on your visit because apparently they change the club line up every night-so you'll never go to the same places.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States : Las Vegas, Nevada I am in love with this hotel =) The Venetian Palazzo is definitely the BEST that you will get. You cannot beat the size of the suites and the location. Exceptional rooms in size and amenities. The standard suites are equipped with comfortable beds, clean, upgraded with timeless decor. There are TV's in every room literally, including the bathroom. I appreciated the bathroom suite with a ton of mirrors, vanity area, a TV etc. I had to come here for work and stayed for the week, but if I was to come on a personal trip, you can definitely share a room with friends - the suites are huge! I would totally recommend using the Canyon Ranch Spa within the Venetian which connects to the Palazzo - solid 5 stars. Review to come. From the room service, convenience, cleanliness, the list can go on - definite 5 stars. One last note, this casino actually pays out which is an added plus :

Las Vegas, NV, United States : The New York, New York Hotel and Casino is so much fun that we have stayed here four times. Some places are fancier but it's right on the strip and has a lot of good restaurants and the pool is always so much fun. BUt the main reason we love it here is it's a young crowd and there is a lot of energy all night long. After midnight if you don't want to go to a nightclub, this is where everybody comes to hang out. There's a dueling, sing-along piano bar and Coyote Ugly and the Center Bar, which is where we love to get drinks and meet people and people watch. And Pour24 bar is open 24/7. Our rooms are always clean and nice, no complaints. We usually travel in a large group (8-12 girls) and some hotels you never know what you are going to get, but we always like our rooms here.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : If you love animals and zoos (and I do), you have to go see The Secret Garden Zoo at the Mirage Hotel. This where the famous Siegfried and Roy put on their famous shows for years. You can come see the awesome white tigers, white lions, black panthers, and other rare cats. The whole experience is less than $20 and you can get up real close to the animals. It also serves as a conservation center so you can learn about what they are doing to help these animals. Definitely worth a visit to get out of the sun-and you can take your time here, there is no rush. It was really cool to see while we were there!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : I've always wanted to see the Blue Man Group and my friends and I decided that we had to see them while in Vegas. The show was better than we expected-it was AWESOME. Everyone was really into the music and not only that-they have some cool effects on stage! It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV, USA : I recently just stayed at this hotel for a friend’s birthday and it was amazing! However, there are renovations being done in the “Habitat” area while the “Spa” area is completed and fabulous so be sure to get a room near the spa! Also, Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel Casino is an amazing fitness center in the spa with a variety of classes like yoga, pilates, zumba and many more! There are many other attractions in this hotel like the habitat where a variety of exotic animals live, and the steakhouse featuring an tasteful array of options. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a full Vegas experience to stay here.

Las Vegas, NV, United States : I've heard about the Laugh Factory since I was a kid, and after some family friends went to Vegas they said we had to go on our trip. Comedy at the Laugh Factory club at the Tropicana Hotel always features well-known comedians, and when we were there we got to see Richard Pryor it was hysterical! Me and my friends were laughing so hard we couldn't even talk or breath! Tickets were also less than $40 which was a great deal. You must go here while in Vegas!

MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV : MGM Grand Hotel is incredible there is a nonexistent check in line and there were no surprises at check-in. The rooms are gorgeous and immaculate and come equipped with a mini fridge, coffee & tea and a nice bathroom with a tub that fits two plus a walk-in shower. It is a girl’s dream. It was a difficult task to decide which side of the bed to sleep on because it was so huge. I ultimately “settled” for the left side. I was thankfully in Tower 1 that includes a Starbucks and is less than a 5minute walk to the casino of MGM. Which is absolutely amazing. Overall, my experience at the MGM Grand was perfect!

Las Vegas, NV, United States : If you and your friends love thrills, then check out the Roller coaster at New York, New York hotel. Not only will this place make you feel like you are actually in the Big Apple, it has something New York doesn't have-a giant rollercoaster running through its buildings. If you go a little bit later in the day it's not quite as crowded. After the ride you can head to Coyote Ugly (in New York hotel) and dance.